October 2021
Corporate HQ
New Jersey, US

Genesis is a leading provider of tech-enabled Real World Evidence (RWE) and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) services.

Genesis optimises drug development and evidences the clinical and commercial value of products via expert analysis, synthesis, communication and utilisation of integrated Real World Data (RWD). The company’s data agnostic approach to accessing and analysing RWE enables utilisation of the best data sources available which includes data drawn from a wide range of sources outside of clinical studies.

Enablement & Alignment

Opportunity to create a scaled global industry leader in RWE and HEOR, servicing innovators in Pharma and Biotech.

Capability & Capacity

Expanding into adjacent offerings including prospective RWE, business and strategy consulting, modelling and scientific communications.

Significant additional investment into technology solutions to accelerate and optimise delivery of scientific outcomes.

Building Strategic Footprints

Continuation of European expansion via strategic M&A to capture growing international demand.