Enablement & Alignment

Enabling world-class leadership teams to succeed on the global stage

Our collaborative approach enables management teams to leverage our full sector capabilities. We believe in strong alignment, and invest where we have conviction and confidence. We back people and businesses that share our ambitions and values.
  • Partnering with strong, ambitious management teams
  • Driving outcomes through conviction & confidence

Capability & Capacity

Scale, experience and expertise unlocks value and drives growth in subsector leaders with global potential

We combine significant investment firepower with a truly global, proprietary network of trusted experts and advisers. We work with management to ensure they have the organisational structure, the functional expertise and the institutional platform to drive and sustain high growth.
  • 60+ Strategic add-ons
  • 40+ Senior leadership positions created

Building Strategic Footprints

Creating footprints to deliver strategic value and focusing on reputation and quality to generate sustainable growth

We work with trusted management teams navigating growth together: both organically and through acquisition, internationally and across value chains. Our industry perspectives and focus on reputation for quality with sustainable growth underpins our strategic priorities for maximum value creation.
  • 13 Transatlantic & global platforms
  • 200+ International locations
We foster opportunities for anyone that connects to our network. If you are a healthcare industry executive or a healthcare specialist adviser, please get in touch.