Subsector Focus

Thematic approach to identifying high-growth subsectors

We favour healthcare subsectors that are complex and benefit from our targeted, conviction-led approach. We focus on core sector fundamentals where all stakeholders benefit from a structural tailwind to deliver Better, Faster and More Accessible Healthcare™.

We avoid single product development risk, payor risk and any investment where excessive leverage or cost cutting is needed to generate the desired outcome. Our partner businesses tend to be science-led to deliver a quality-focused, innovative product and service offering.


High-growth healthcare businesses in specialist subsectors

Since October 2015 we have invested €4bn in 19 platform companies across three flagship funds.

We have added 50+ companies worth a combined €1.8bn to our platform, always supplementing capacity, footprint, technology and product / service offerings of our subsector leaders.

Realising transatlantic growth and accessing Asian markets - we put our teams and their companies on the global stage in specialist healthcare markets.