An overview of GHO Capital’s investment approach

As GHO Capital nears its tenth year as Europe’s leading healthcare private equity group, Managing Partners Alan MacKay, Mike Mortimer and Andrea Ponti reflect on what has made the firm so successful…

When we founded GHO Capital in 2014, we committed ourselves to achieving a simple mission within a complex landscape: to make healthcare better, faster and more accessible. Through this purpose-driven investment strategy, we have created a portfolio that not only makes a difference to patients, healthcare systems and society, but also delivers long-term sustainable value to our stakeholders. This success has been driven by four core principles:

Stay focused
Throughout the last decade, we have stayed true to our focus, to identify unmet demand or issues driven industry themes and invest in the business models that address them, looking for the highest growth opportunities.

Despite dynamic markets, four key areas have remained constant: optimising product development and manufacture, advancing innovative target therapeutics, accelerating strategic decision making and market access and, finally, improving healthcare efficiencies through innovative business models, systems and tools.

Knowledge is the key
We are in a golden age of healthcare innovation. Our firm’s understanding of the complexity of healthcare companies, combined with increasingly sophisticated digital technologies, is accelerating the development of targeted therapies and advanced healthcare like never before. Similar to human biology itself, the healthcare sector is extremely complex, encompassing a nexus of industries which inform and interact with one another in a multitude of ways. Therefore, to successfully invest in this space, it is essential to recognise this entire scope.

Our leading team of healthcare, financial, and operational experts deeply understand these nuances and interactions, from how healthcare innovation is created, developed, manufactured and paid for, to how it is monitored in the real world to maximise impact for patients and create efficiencies for healthcare systems.

We don’t just invest in companies, we partner with management teams
It is our firm belief that management teams are best placed to be the architects of their own success. We pride ourselves on our partnership approach, focusing on strategic alignment and collaboration with portfolio leaders to deliver the healthcare of the future and foster the businesses and ideas that will build the next generation of healthcare.

We are also always learning from these experiences, ensuring that the knowledge and key people from both exited and current portfolios continue to inform how we operate in the present and where we go in the future.

Driving international growth
Unique to GHO Capital’s growth playbook is our ability to support business growth across borders, especially transatlantic growth. We have had tremendous success with European businesses scaling their operations in North America and vice versa. Core to this has been our team’s expert knowledge of designing and executing value driving M&A, expanding service offerings, unlocking new markets, and delivering better healthcare for patients and society.

Almost ten years on, despite the ever changing macro environment, healthcare continues to provide many high growth dynamics. With our four core principles, GHO Capital looks forward to the next ten years, continuing to improve the lives of patients around the world, and creating businesses and innovation that will continue to thrive and drive success.

About GHO Capital
Global Healthcare Opportunities, or GHO Capital Partners LLP, is a leading specialist healthcare investment advisor based in London. We apply global capabilities and perspectives to unlock high growth healthcare opportunities, targeting Pan-European and transatlantic internationalisation to build market leading businesses of strategic global value. Our proven investment track record reflects the unrivalled depth of our industry expertise and network. We partner with strong management teams to generate long-term sustainable value, improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery to enable better, faster, more accessible healthcare. For further information, please visit