December 2018
Corporate HQ
San Francisco, US

ELIQUENT Life Sciences is a leading international provider of quality compliance and regulatory affairs consulting services to biotech, pharma and medtech companies.

With an experienced team ELIQUENT helps to support a global customer base in their pursuit of regulatory approval and to ensure compliance post-approval.

Enablement & Alignment

Opportunity to create a global leader in regulatory affairs in a highly fragmented industry in order to better serve customers in an ever changing and increasingly complex global regulatory landscape.

Supporting management with a complex international growth strategy.

Capability & Capacity

Investment in the team (both technical and operational roles) to add capacity to deliver on a growing workload.

Investing in systems and infrastructure to leverage and improve an already scalable and efficient operating model.

Adding capabilities in high growth areas (biologics, cell and gene therapy) and high growth geographies (China-US).

Building Strategic Footprints

Inorganic and organic opportunities to expand presence outside US.

Signficant opportunity to expand customer relationships through focused business development.