December 2021
Corporate HQ
Edinburgh, UK

RoslinCT is a UK based Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) focused on providing services for companies developing advanced cell based therapeutic products.

Based at the Edinburgh BioQuarter, RoslinCT operates a fully licenced GMP manufacturing facility and has a proven track record in the delivery of cell-based therapeutics. Roslin offers a comprehensive range of CDMO services including cell bank generation, tissue procurement, process development, GMP manufacture, storage and logistics.

Enablement & Alignment

Opportunity to create a scaled global leader at the forefront of cell therapy manufacturing, supporting Pharma and Biotech companies from development phase through to commercial manufacturing.

Capability & Capacity

Investment into diversifying the business beyond non-viral gene modified cell therapies to include viral gene modification therapies and other cell types with a view to doubling Roslin’s addressable market.

Significant investment into corporate infrastructure and operations including finance, commercial and IT infrastructure, leveraging GHO’s portfolio and advisor network.

Organic capex initiatives including the construction of a greenfield site in the Edinburgh area to more than quadruple Roslin’s development and manufacturing capacity.

Developing a focused commercial go-to-market strategy to grow existing client base and unlock significant white space in the market.

Building Strategic Footprints

Continuation of build-out, expanding blue chip client base through international expansion with the US considered a key market for cell therapy biotechs.