July 2018
Corporate HQ
Jena, Germany

Linimed Gruppe is the best-in-class provider of 24/7 intensive care services in Germany. Linimed operates a specialised community care model for patients with severe health problems (neurological and neuromuscular diseases, obstructive respiratory diseases and many others).

Recognised as the top-rated operator, Linimed has a reputation for delivering higher quality and more efficient care at a lower cost to the healthcare system. Headquartered in Jena, Linimed offers its intensive care services via 80 community care centres throughout Germany and currently has c. 1,100 employees.

Enablement & Alignment

Shared vision to grow market leading positioning further as the key strategic community intensive care player in Germany. A best-in-class intensive care platform and destination employer maintaining industry leading quality ratings and employee satisfaction levels.

Highly fragmented market in need of further consolidation to establish homogenous quality standards. Implemented German Intensive Care Reform supporting higher quality levels in the industry enforcing provider consolidation.

Capability & Capacity

Growth plan foresees continued organic expansion via greenfield rollouts and new location openings increasing Linimed’s footprint and quality reach across Germany.

Various new larger community care facility openings underway with Linimed also expanding into specialised weaning services becoming a vertically integrated clinical services provider.

Building Strategic Footprints

Continued execution of high quality add-on acquisitions maintaining Linimed’s specialist community intensive care model supported by new industry regulations.

Founders and management teams of acquired providers driving Linimed’s geographic expansion in their home region.