January 2020
Corporate HQ
Porto, Portugal

FairJourney Biologics is a leading biologics CRO, providing integrated services across antibody discovery, engineering and production to global biopharma.

FairJourney Biologics combines its significant experience in phage display and proprietary mammalian display technology with a diverse approach to generating both immune and naïve antibodies to achieve a market-leading 99%+ project success rate.

Enablement & Alignment

Supporting Management’s ambition to create a global leader in antibody discovery and engineering by working together with Management to build a combined forecast.

Investing upfront and follow-on capital to facilitate new facility construction and M&A to support Management’s growth plans.

Capability & Capacity

Investment in team and infrastructure to support platform for continued scaling (finance, operations, BD, manufacturing).

Organic and inorganic investment in new capabilities, technologies and capacity in order to capture growing share of market.

Building Strategic Footprints

Extended footprint into UK with move into Cambridge, creating a pan-European platform.

Active focus on transatlantic expansion via organic or inorganic move into North America to better support rapidly increasing transatlantic customer base.