November 2020
Corporate HQ
Horsham, UK

Envision is the global leader in the medical affairs space, providing software and scientific solutions to the biopharma industry.

Envision’s technology solutions software is purpose-built to help plan and manage evidence generation, communication and grants programmes, and is used throughout the pharmaceutical product lifecycle for business transformation, operational excellence, and connectivity.

Enablement & Alignment

A partnership approach with its clients, which comprise the largest Pharma companies and fastest biotechs globally.

Create the leading independent global leader in Medical Affairs across Technology and Services, and the reference for scientific evidence dissemination and communication.

Capability & Capacity

Significant investments in the development and release of iEnvision, the leading cloud-based Software platform for Medical Affairs.

Expanding the product and service offering in key areas such as Market Access and Real-World Evidence.

Building Strategic Footprints

Physical presence on three continents, including APAC with offices in Japan and Australia.

Reinforced footprint in the US, with offices in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

Expanding footprint with an Eastern European presence in Serbia and Hungary for software development.