October 2015
Corporate HQ
Ohio, US

DDC is a specialist lab diagnostics services company offering a broad selection of products to consumers, healthcare practitioners and government agencies on a global scale.

From its roots in DNA testing, DDC provides paternity and family relationship, veterinary and lifestyle testing and in recent years has expanded beyond DNA, adding fertility, gender and COVID-19 to its menu of personal diagnostics. DDC’s full-service offering is available through a number of channels and is known for both quality and reliability.

Enablement & Alignment

Become a global diversified diagnostics company, expanding our suite of products beyond DNA testing.

Maintain status as a destination employer for quality talent within the industry that cares for employees and ESG.

Capability & Capacity

Significant investment in systems, processes and infrastructure to drive efficiency and scale.

Upskilled the team to enhance our capabilities in marketing, e-commerce and new product development.

Building Strategic Footprints

Exploring inorganic expansion opportunities to enhance our diagnostic testing menu (beyond DNA testing).

Evaluating partnerships where DDC can leverage its global reach and diversified channels to distribute new products.

Organic expansion via new products and end-customer markets i.e. gender testing.