July 2016
Corporate HQ
Montreal, Canada

Caprion Biosciences is a leading provider of proteomics and immune monitoring services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Its immune monitoring business unit, ImmuneCarta®, offers proprietary multiparametric flow cytometry services for functional analyses of innate and adaptive immune responses.

Caprion’s proteomics business unit, ProteoCarta™, offers proprietary gel-free, label-free mass spectrometry (MS) for comprehensive, quantitative and robust comparative measurement of proteins across large sets of biological samples for the discovery and validation of protein biomarkers.

Enablement & Alignment

Created a global leader in proteomics and immune oncology services, partnering with some of the largest pharma and most prominent biotechs in the industry.

High science, quality-led approach with a specialized global team capable of supporting its customers’ proteomics and immune oncology research and development needs

Capability & Capacity

Added new capabilities with cell sorting, cell engine software, sample tagging and MDSC assay as well as strengthening its immunology biomarker offering.

Significant investments made to expand current and new lab capacity with 7 state of the art and accredited facilities as well as doubled the scientific bench strength to support ongoing demand.

Building Strategic Footprints

Organic and inorganic investment in laboratory facilities (including CGP, GLP, GCLP, CAP and CLIA accreditations), scientific and technological expertise (Flow Cytometry, Proteomics, Cell Sorting, Sample Tagging, MDSC Assay, etc.) and commercial footprint.

Transformed Caprion into a global platform with the ability to support its customers across 4 continents.