Thematic approach to identifying high-growth subsectors

We favour healthcare subsectors that are complex and benefit from our targeted, conviction-led approach. We focus on core sector fundamentals where all stakeholders benefit from a structural tailwind to deliver Better, Faster + More Accessible HealthcareTM.

We avoid single product development risk, payor risk and any investment where excessive leverage or cost cutting is needed to generate the desired outcome. Our partner businesses tend to be science-led to deliver a quality-focused, innovative product and service offering.

Outsourced Services

BioAgilytix Caprion Ardena ClearView Healthcare Partners FairJourney Biologics Envision Pharma Group Validant X-Chem Sterling Pharma Solutions Velocity Clinical Sanner Quotient Sciences Genesis


RoslinCT Sanner BioAgilytix Caprion DNA Diagnostics Center Biocare Medical


RoslinCT Alcaliber VISUfarma Sterling Pharma Solutions DNA Diagnostics Center Biocare Medical

Patient Services


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