We partner with profitable healthcare businesses who have significant growth potential across targeted sub-sectors


Favourable market fundamentals with increasing momentum

In general, healthcare businesses demonstrate low cyclicality, high barriers to entry, high margins and strong cash generation. Healthcare spend is increasing as the population ages; chronic diseases persist; technology advances; and patients and healthcare consumers become better informed and more demanding. Healthcare is a huge sector, in which Europe is a core market, and market dynamics continue to drive an abundance of investment opportunities.

A clearly focused, thematic investment approach

GHO Capital employs a thematic approach in identifying and analysing healthcare trends to find, invest in and build fast-growing, dynamic businesses. We apply clear investment criteria for deal origination and selection, seeking well-established, profitable businesses that have the potential to deliver a combination of double-digit top line growth, significant efficiency gains and international expansion.

Seeking mid-market companies poised for growth

We actively evaluate companies with a European presence and global potential within the four healthcare sub-sectors of PharmaBio, MedTech, Outsourced services and Patient services. Our sourcing strategy is based upon a combination of expert healthcare sub-sector knowledge and a global network of industry relationships.