Diversity matters

  • We believe every individual at GHO has the responsibility to foster an inclusive environment
  • We are united by a shared commitment to build inclusive teams, creating an organisation that embraces diversity
  • We recognise that diversity in background and experience drives diversity of thought helping to make better decisions and challenge the status quo
  • We work closely with our management teams to cultivate inclusive and diverse work environments

At GHO, we are committed to enabling better, faster, more accessible healthcare and therefore play a vital role in building a more diverse and inclusive healthcare ecosystem. We hold our companies to the highest standards by working closely with them to develop KPI’s and best practices to create champions within our field.

Partnering for D&I success

We participate in industry organisations focused on Diversity & Inclusion in order to collaborate with peers to help raise awareness in our industry.

We are active partners with Level 20, the not-for-profit organisation established to inspire women to join and progress in the private equity industry and Out Investors a global network for LGBT+ investment professionals. We also work with a range of organisations, including Generating Genius and Working Voices, to continue to build an inclusive and diverse environment, both within GHO and the communities in which we work.

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